Article By Richard Aucock

Volkswagen ID.3 EV owners to get first over-the-air updates

Volkswagen will become the first mass-market car manufacturer to issue over-the-air software updates this summer to current ID.3 owners

Volkswagen ID.3 owners will this summer receive their first ‘over-the-air’ software update, which is aimed at ensuring their EVs remain fully up-to-date.

Part of Volkswagen’s promise to become a more software-oriented carmaker, the ‘cloud’ updates mirror those which Tesla has been offering owners for several years.

Volkswagen will become the first mainstream high-volume carmaker to issue over-the-air software updates.

ID.3 owners who are part of the ‘First Movers Club’ will be first to get their updates, followed by other ID.3, ID.4 and ID.4 GTX customers.

Once the first update has been issued, Volkswagen has vowed to update the software in every ID. car every 12 weeks.

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“The brand is once again leading the movement,” said Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstatter. “We are creating a totally new digital customer experience with new functions and greater comfort – every 12 weeks.

“This makes us the first high-volume manufacturer to regularly deliver extensive over-the-air updates.

This is an important milestone… preparing Volkswagen for the connected, digital mobility of the future.”

New features coming to VW ID.3 owners include better ID.Light functionality, improved recognition for the dynamic main beam control, along with improved system performance and stability.

Crucially, Volkswagen is also promising the operability and design functionality for the infotainment system will be improved: this is an area many ID.3 users have struggled with.

Software updates will be delivered via mobile transfer – with Volkswagen adding that, if necessary, it can update any of up to 35 control units via over-the-air updates/

“We are able to quickly gather customer feedback and react flexibly to customer requirements,” said development chief Thomas Ulbrich.

“This means the ID. models remain constantly up to date, and customer cars will retain their value better.”

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