Servicing my EV

Keeping your electric car in tip top mechanical shape will not only ensure your car is safe, reliable and in good order, it will also help with its residual value when it’s time to sell. Here’s a list our commonly asked questions about servicing, repairing, or getting a MOT for your electric car.

Do EVs require servicing?

Yes, servicing an EV will increase its overall life expectancy and ensure it is always performing at its best, however it will require less frequent services than a combustion engine car. The owner’s manual will confirm when the manufacturer recommends servicing the car.

Use our map search to find an EV servicing expert near you.

Do hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars require servicing?

Although hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles both use an electric motor and have lithium-ion batteries, they also have the addition of an internal combustion engine. As a result, you can expect similar servicing checks and costs to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.

Do EV’s require maintenance?

In general, EVs require less maintenance than petrol or diesel vehicles. This is mainly due to having a simpler drive train with fewer moving parts and fluids.

With fewer components that can fail, you’re less likely to end up with an expensive repair bills. However, carrying out regular maintenance is still important for safety and longevity.

Do EVs need oil changes?

No, electric vehicles do not use oil, they also do not have spark plugs, air filters, or use coolant.

Do EV batteries need replacing?

EV batteries are designed to preserve battery life helping to increase the lifespan of the battery for as long as possible. Most manufacturers now offer a battery guarantee of around 100,000 miles, this works out for the average driver to be around twelve years.

Extended warranties are also available to those who wish to be covered past the 100,000 mile mark.

Looking for an EV mechanic?

Any services or repairs require the hands of a trained EV mechanic. Use our map search to find an EV servicing expert near you.

Do EVs break down more?

No, overall the chances of breaking down due to a fault with the car are much less than in a combustion engine car.

Most EV breakdowns are due to the car running out of charge. Careful route planning and home charging should remove this risk.

Are EV’s cheaper to service and maintain?

Yes, overall the cost of maintaining an EV is up to 50% cheaper than a combustion engine car. This is because, compared to a combustion engine car, an EV does not have an engine or as many moving parts that require maintenance or repair.

Do EVs still need an MOT?

Yes, an annual MOT is required by law for any car over 3 years old, including an EV.

If the car is completely electric, it won’t require the emissions test part of the MOT.