Installing a Home Charge Point

Installing a home charge point gives owners of electric cars ultimate convenience when it comes to charging. Here at JustGoEV, we have a comprehensive search of OZEV (Office of Zero Emission Vehicles) approved installers who have all been certified as government approved installers. Simply enter your postcode above and search for your local, approved installer. We’ve complied some common frequently asked questions on home charging below.

How do I install a home charge point?

It’s best to contact an OZEV (also known as OLEV) approved installer who are the qualified experts. Use the search function on the map above to find your local, expert installer.

How much do home charge points cost?

Home charge points vary in cost depending on the manufacturer and speed of charge. Typically, a 3kW unit will cost between £250-£500 and a 7kW unit between £450-£800. The UK Government currently have a grant scheme in place which can cover up to £350 of the cost of installing a home charge point. Read more about this below.

How do I get a quote to install a home charge point?

Use the search function above to contact your local OZEV approved installer, who will likely arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements and furnish you with a quotation prior to installation.

How much does it cost to charge my car at home?

Costs vary based on your individual electricity tariff, battery size and time of day you charge your car. On average, electricity costs 14p per kWh, so you’d pay £6 for a 13-hour charge on a Nissan Leaf using a 3kW home charger. The higher the power of the charging unit – the faster your car will charge.

How long will my car take to charge at home?

This depends on the charge point used and the size of the battery in your car. It could be as quick as 4 hours or it could take much longer, up to 12 hours for a full charge. A typical electric vehicle (60kWh battery) being charged using a 7kW home charger would take around 8 hours to fully charge from empty.

Is it cheaper to charge my car from home?

In short – yes! Many electricity providers provide tariffs which take into account charging your electric car from home, and most owners utilize lower rates by charging at nonpeak times over night. For example, off-peak rates can be as low as 4.5p per kWh, meaning a full charge on a 60kWh battery vehicle would cost £2.70. The main reason people tend to install home charge points is for convenience, however.

Are their grants available to help with cost of installing a home charge point?

Yes. The ‘Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme’ (EVHS) provides up to £350 towards the cost of purchasing and installing a home charging point. An additional grant of £250 is available to Scottish EV drivers via the Energy Savings Trust Scotland. You can claim for a maximum of two charge points per household.

Am I eligible for the OZEV/OLEV grant?

There are a number of requirements you must meet to be eligible:

·You must have purchased an OLEV-eligible electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle. See if your vehicle is listed here.

·You must have private, off-street parking where a charging cable will not cross a pedestrian pavement.

·The charger must be OLEV-approved. Find a full list of OLEV-eligible chargers here.

·You need to use an OLEV-approved installer. Use our search function on the map above to find your local expert installer.

What is a SMART home EV charge point?

A SMART home charge point is in simple terms, the ‘next level’ of home charging technology. The charge points are clever enough to work out exactly how much charge your car needs, and the cheapest time to start charging amongst other things!

Is it safe to charge my EV in the rain?

Yes. The manufacturer of your EV has had to pass very stringent electrical safety standards to ensure charging in adverse weather conditions is safe. Use an approved installer to ensure your charging station is also approved and fit for purpose.