Article By John Redfern

Mini will convert classic models to electric power

The Mini Recharged project combines the iconic original Mini with modern EV powertrains.

Classic Minis will switch to electric power thanks to a new initiative launched at the company’s Oxford factory.

The Mini Recharged project takes original Minis, first launched in 1959, and modifies them with the latest EV technology.

It follows a positive reaction to a one-off classic Mini Electric, built in 2018 for the New York Auto Show.

More than three years of work have led to a plan to offer customers their own classic Mini EVs.

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Each Mini submitted for conversion will gain a new 90kW electric motor. This is connected to a 6.6kW battery, charged through a port mounted where the Mini’s petrol cap would normally be.

Given the Mini’s diminutive size, the electric motor will allow an impressive 0-62mph time of around nine seconds. Aimed at city-based owners, the fully-charged battery should allow a range of up to 100 miles.

As part of the build process, an updated instrument cluster shows drivetrain temperature, the selected gear and the remaining battery range.

All changes made in the conversion process are reversible. This includes storing the original internal combustion engine, should the owner wish to refit it at a later date.

The conversion work for the Mini Recharged project will take place at Mini Plant Oxford.

Mini will announce full details of how fans can purchase an EV-converted classic, along with prices, in due course.

Sebastian Beuchel, head of Mini global brand management, said: "Individuality also plays an important role with Mini Recharged. Unique classic Mini models have always been created, including true works of art on wheels.

“That's why future collaborations are also planned as part of the Mini Recharged programme, allowing well-known artists to express their creativity with specially designed classic Mini models."

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