Article By John Redfern

Portable charging device could revolutionise EV ownership

Launched at the COP26 event, the ZipCharge may help remove barriers to electric car charging.

A new portable EV charger could help open up the world of electric car ownership to all.

Best described as a battery in a suitcase, the ZipCharge Go is aimed at the 40 percent of UK households without access to off-street parking.

In theory, this could deny 8.5 million car-owning households the ability to charge an electric car. Using the ZipCharge Go could be one solution to their charging problem.

Charge your EV

The ZipCharge Go is charged at home using a standard three-pin socket. Drivers simply wheel it to their electrified car, then plug in the device to restore their vehicle battery.

A 30-minute charge sees around 20 miles of range added to an electric car. This would be sufficient for an average daily commute, or to allow drivers to reach public charging points.

When the ZipCharge Go is connected to a vehicle, the port locks to ensure the charger is secured.

Inside the ZipCharge Go are high-energy density NMC lithium-ion battery cells, with a bi-directional AC-DC inverter to enable two-way charging.

The ZipCharge Go also features Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn and adapt to user habits. Wireless connectivity will allow owners to start charging remotely, and will allow the device to receive over-the-air software updates.

Users will be offered the choice to purchase a ZipCharge Go outright, or use one as part of a subscription package.

The company is targeting a monthly subscription cost of £49, pitched as being comparable to a typical home charging point.

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