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The UK EV charging point network is growing all the time. A decade ago, there were just a few hundred charging points across the country. Today, there are more than 13,000 charging locations, around 20,000 charging devices and more than 35,000 individual connectors.

These numbers are increasing almost daily – and the pace of expansion is accelerating all the time, too.

There are four EV charger types:

  • Slow – up to 3kW (used for charging overnight)
  • Fast – 7 to 22kW (can recharge in hours
  • Rapid – 43kW-plus (can recharge in less than an hour)
  • Ultra-rapid – 100kW-plus (can recharge in 30 minutes or less)

The preferred rapid chargers are either AC or DC. The most powerful, such as Ionity 350kW chargers, give charging times almost comparable with filling a petrol or diesel car with fuel.

Use our guide to filter the right charger for your EV and locate the ones nearest to you.