Article By John Redfern

Tesla to let other EVs use its Supercharger network

A pilot project in the Netherlands will allow non-Tesla vehicles to make use of the Supercharger fast-charging network.

Owners of other electric vehicles will soon be able to make use of the Tesla Supercharger network.

A pilot project will see 10 of the fast-charging devices in the Netherlands made available to non-Tesla cars.

It marks the first time Tesla has permitted vehicles from rival brands to use the Supercharger network since its creation in 2012.

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Dutch electric vehicle owners will be able to access the 10 Superchargers through Tesla's own smartphone app.

The app will identify specific charging devices available for non-Tesla vehicles and direct drivers towards them. Prices will be altered, although Tesla owners will continue to pay the same as before.

EVs will need to have CCS-type connectors to be able to use Supercharger devices.

Tesla states that it will monitor usage closely. In particular, it will look to ensure congestion does not stop Tesla drivers from being able to use the chargers.

With some 25,000 charging devices across the globe, Tesla has rapidly expanded its bespoke Supercharger network. Consistently rated as one of the most reliable charging networks, it has become a unique selling point for the Tesla experience.

However, the company says that opening it up to non-Tesla vehicles has always been part of the plan. It believes more customers using the Supercharger network will help drive its further expansion.

For now, the project will be limited to the 10 locations in the Netherlands. Opening up more locations is dependent on how successful the trial is, and will only happen where capacity exists to support more non-Tesla vehicles.

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