Article By John Redfern

More than 1,300 UK supermarkets now have EV chargers

The number of EV charging points at supermarkets has increased by almost 1,000 since the start of 2020.

Nearly 1,000 new electric vehicle charging points have been installed at UK supermarkets during the past 21 months.

Data analysed by the RAC and Zap-Map shows there are now some 2,059 charging points at supermarkets across the country.

This means nearly eight percent of the UK’s 26,000 public charging points are located at supermarkets. The total number of stores offering EV charging has more than doubled, from 607 to 1,300.

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Tesco has emerged as the leading supermarket for electric vehicle charging. Since the start of 2020, it has installed 641 new devices, taking its total capacity to 922 chargers.

Charging is now available at 514 of its 4,008 stores, meaning 13 percent can replenish EV batteries.

Asda is in second place with 246 charging devices, followed by Morrisons, which now has 201 chargers. Morrisons has made significant investment in EV charging, with 40 percent of its supermarkets now hosting them.

Morrisons also leads the way in offering rapid-charging facilities. With 197 sites, almost every Morrisons with EV charging now includes a rapid charging option.

Lidl takes the runner-up place for rapid charging, offering it at 150 locations across the UK. Although Tesco has the most charging devices in total, only 64 can deliver rapid charging.

Both the RAC and Zap-Map advocate for supermarkets to install more rapid chargers. With customers spending an average of 45 minutes in store, this would be an optimum time to rapid charge their cars.

RAC director of EVs, Sarah Winward-Kotecha, said: “While the majority of drivers going electric will be fortunate enough to be able to charge easily on their driveways at home, for the remainder it won’t be so easy. So having access to free or affordable charging facilities at supermarkets is very important, and could even help accelerate EV take-up in the first place.

“Rapid charge points in particular make it possible to run an EV easily without access to a home charger. Drivers can get their cars topped up in the time it takes them to do their weekly shop.”

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