Article By John Redfern

Flagship Skoda Enyaq iV 80x Sportline 4x4 now available to order

Boasting twin electric motors and four-wheel drive, the new 80x Sportline becomes the most powerful Skoda Enyaq iV SUV to date.

Skoda fans can now order the most powerful version of the Enyaq iV SUV EV.

The new 80x Sportline is the first in the range to offer four-wheel drive. To date, all versions of the Enyaq iV have been rear-driven.

As you’d expect, more power and better traction mean the potential for greater performance.

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Adding an electric motor to the front axle of the Enyaq iV sees overall power output increased to 265hp. Four-wheel drive also allows the 80x Sportline to handle more torque, with a maximum 313lb ft on offer.

It means the Enyaq iV 80x Sportline can accelerate from 0-62 mph in a brisk 6.9 seconds.

Skoda fits the 4WD version with the larger 82 kWh battery pack, offering a range of up to 303 miles in official tests.

Rapid-charging 125 kW capability is standard on the 80x Sportline. This can replenish 80 percent of the battery charge in 38 minutes using a 150kW+ DC rapid charger.

Using a 7.2 kW domestic wallbox should see the 80x Sportline fully charged in 13 hours.

Despite the addition of four-wheel drive, the 80x Sportline is perhaps less likely than other Enyaq iV models to venture off-road. A lower ride height is designed to offer a sporty driving experience, with progressive steering also included.

Full Matrix LED headlights are standard, with carbon fibre-effect trim used for interior details. The sports seats are finished in leather and Alcantara, with a three-spoke multifunction leather steering wheel completing the makeover.

Priced at £46,610, the 80x Sportline is now available to order. First deliveries are expected later in 2021.

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