Article By John Redfern

Hyundai has a new subscription service for EVs

Available for both electric and hybrid cars, Hyundai’s Mocean subscription service aims to make life easier for owners

Hyundai has launched its new monthly subscription services, aimed at those looking to drive a hybrid or electric car.

Combining all major costs into one monthly payment, Hyundai hopes that its Mocean service will bring greater convenience to electrified vehicle ownership.

Mocean includes Hyundai’s hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full-electric models to offer consumers the widest choice possible. This includes the i20 supermini, through to the Kona Electric SUV.

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Subscriptions can be taken for any period between three and 24 months, with customers able to sign-up online.

A simple process asks shoppers what car they want, and for how long, with new vehicles able to be supplied within days.

Vehicles can be delivered directly to the customer’s home, or collected from a local Hyundai dealership.

Along with the use of the vehicle, the monthly payment includes insurance, roadside assistance, road tax, and maintenance at authorised Hyundai dealers.

Mocean subscriptions can be cancelled with a one-month notice period. Customers are also able to change their chosen car every six months.

Prices for using the Mocean subscription are set to begin from £339, based upon a 24-month contract period.

Unlike PCP or HP finance options, no initial deposit is required to use Mocean.

Hyundai will initially launch the service in the Greater London area only. However, it plans to expand Mocean to further cities throughout 2021.

Audi is also offering an EV subscription service – with e-tron prices starting from £1,299 a month.

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