Article By John Redfern

Less than 1 percent of EV owners would go back to petrol

A new survey finds electric car owners are overwhelmingly satisfied with their choice of vehicle.

New research by the Zap-Map charging app reveals more about the attitudes of electric car owners.

The company’s annual survey found EV drivers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their cars, with plug-in hybrid owners also pleased.

Longer journeys are also becoming more normal for electrified car owners, with range anxiety a declining concern.

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More than 3,000 drivers were surveyed by Zap-Map, with 48 percent saying their current vehicle is their first EV. Buyer’s remorse was seemingly not a problem, with battery-electric car drivers reporting a satisfaction score of 92 out of 100.

Plug-in hybrid owners were slightly less satisfied, with a score of 84 out of 100, but still far ahead of internal combustion car owners. They reported an overall satisfaction score of just 74.

When asked if owners would consider changing their EV or plug-in hybrid for a petrol or diesel car, the answer was a resounding ‘no’. Some 91 percent said they would not swap back, with only eight percent open to considering it.

Less than one percent of those surveyed said they missed owning a petrol or diesel car.

For the first time in the Zap-Map survey, drivers were asked about the furthest distance they had travelled in their EV on a single journey.

More than half (53 percent) of EV drivers said they had covered more than 200 miles in one trip. An impressive seven percent said they had journeyed in excess of 500 miles in their EV.

Only 15 percent of owners said they had only travelled less than 100 miles.

Melanie Shufflebotham, co-founder of Zap-Map, said: “As we move from the early adopters into mass EV adoption, the evidence in favour of electric vehicles grows more compelling every year.

“The findings of this latest poll certainly give prospective EV buyers something to think about in 2022. For the second year running we’ve seen that those who make the switch to electric simply don’t look back. It’s also clear from the distances EV drivers have travelled that concerns over range and other historical challenges of owning and running an EV are increasingly a thing of the past.”

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