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Radical 476hp Polestar 2 EV revealed at Goodwood

Polestar has pumped up its Polestar 2 EV to create a one-off showcase for the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Polestar has revealed a surprise for the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed – a radical version of its Polestar 2 EV complete with 476hp and race-bred suspension.

Called the Experimental Polestar 2, it has actually been nicknamed ‘Beast’ by the engineers that developed it.

This is thanks not only to the lift in power from 408hp to 476hp, but how the rest of the chassis has been significantly pumped up to cope with the extra surge.

And Goodwood Festival of Speed visitors will be able to see this for themselves, as the Experimental Polestar 2 takes to the famous hillclimb throughout the world-famous event.

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“I challenged the design and engineering teams to play with Polestar 2 and come up with something that makes a strong statement for Goodwood,” said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.

“For a few months I have enjoyed driving another experimental Polestar 2, nicknamed ‘Beast’, around our Gothenburg campus, which inspired the team to come up with this version for Goodwood.

“We want to flex our muscles and explore opportunities.”

Huge 21-inch wheels from the exotic Polestar 1 have been fitted, along with that car’s 6-piston Akebono brakes.

This gives the Experimental Polestar 2 the huge stopping power to match its Ferrari-like acceleration.

The wheelarches have been widened to accommodate the tyres and brakes, and suspension is 30mm lower.

Suspension-wise, it is 80% stiffer at the front, 40% firmer at the rear, while Ohlins dampers have been further upgraded to a three-way-adjustable setup 30% stiffer than the regular ones.

There are even carbon fibre strut braces front and rear.

The one-off car is finished in Snow Matte with Magnesium Matte stripe and a special colour-coded front grid.

“This car is what happens when we are given freedom to go beyond our limits,” says Joakim Rydholm, Polestar’s chief chassis engineer.

“We already have such great handling and performance characteristics in Polestar 2, but when Thomas asked me to make something special for Goodwood, I was really excited to up the stakes.”

There is a further treat for Mr Rydholm himself, too – he will be driving it up the hill throughout the event.

“The new chassis set-up for Goodwood has really taken it to the next level. I can’t wait to go up the hill!”

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