Article By Richard Aucock

Volvo new car buyers to get cut-price charging at Ionity

Volvo is giving buyers of Recharge EV models 12 months’ heavily discounted charging at Ionity stations across Europe

Volvo is lowering recharging costs for both new and existing EV customers using Ionity charging points with heavily reduced pricing at chargers across Europe.

Through its relationship with Plugsurfing, which already partners with sporty EV sister brand Polestar, Volvo owners will pay just 30p per kWh at Ionity charging points.

The new deal comes into force on 1 July 2021 and all Volvo new EV buyers will get the reduced rate for 12 months.

“Customers want easy access to public charging infrastructure,” said Plugsurfing CEO Tatu Kulla.

“Price and quality of digital infrastructure are key aspects of an excellent user experience. We value the strategic partners who share this vision and see collaborative solutions.”

Volvo Cars head of electrification Oliver Loedel added that “this collaboration is a first step in our global ambition to help our customers of Recharge cars travel quickly at a much lower charging cost, wherever they are.

“We are excited to offer our customers one of the most competitive prices for charging at Ionity.”

Volvo says it is also updating its smartphone app to make life easier for Recharge EV owners.

It will fully integrate navigation the charging stations, remote control of charging, plus charging notifications and payments.

The firm “aims to change the current fragmented public charging landscape into an all-in experience that is convenient and hassle-free,” said Loedel.

“We want to achieve this by providing an integrated digital charging platform for our customers.”

The new app will roll out soon.

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