Article By John Redfern

Volvo PHEVs now EXCEED the average commute on EV

The updated Recharge plug-in hybrid drivetrain on Volvo’s 60 and 90 models offers more than 55 miles of electric range.

Most buyers of Volvo’s latest plug-in hybrid models should have enough electric range for their daily commute.

Offered on the 60 and 90 series of cars and SUVs, the new Recharge powertrain features an increased battery capacity, up from 11.6kWh to 18.8kWh.

When fully charged, the larger battery offers a projected range of 56 miles using electric power alone.

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Research by Volvo has found the typical ‘premium car’ customer travels around 31 miles each weekday.

Opting for a new Recharge hybrid could therefore see an owner complete their daily round-trip without needing to use the internal combustion engine.

A more powerful electric motor for the rear axle delivers extra performance. It means Recharge T6 models have a combined 350hp, with range-topping Recharge T8 versions packing an impressive 455hp.

Volvo says the extra power to the rear wheels improves traction on slippery roads, or when towing.

A one-pedal driving option has also been added for Recharge models. This allows drivers to control acceleration and braking using just the accelerator pedal.

Volvo estimates the new larger battery will see a reduction in CO2 emissions by 50 percent compared to previous cars.

“Driving a plug-in hybrid is often a stepping-stone to going fully electric,” said Henrik Green, Volvo’s chief technology officer. “We believe that this upgrade will show to many that driving electric is the future, and take us closer to our 2030 ambition of becoming fully electric.”

The new Recharge hybrid powertrain will be available on S60, V60, XC60, S90, V90 and XC90 models.

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