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Volkswagen launches Tiguan eHybrid with 30-mile EV range

Capable of travelling up to 30 miles on battery power alone, the new Volkswagen Tiguan eHybrid PHEV SUV will cost from £35,515

Volkswagen has announced details of a brand-new plug-in hybrid version of its popular Tiguan SUV.

Branded as the Tiguan eHybrid, the new model combines a 1.4-litre petrol engine with an electric motor.

It becomes the latest electrified offering in the Volkswagen range, and expands the engine options available for the Tiguan.

Priced from £35,515, multiple trim options are intended to appeal to both private customers and fleet buyers.

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Volkswagen has designed the Tiguan eHybrid to start all journeys in full-electric E-Mode, when the 10.4 kWh battery is sufficiently charged.

With a full battery, the eHybrid can cover up to 30 miles solely on electric power. E-Mode allows the Tiguan to reach up to 80 mph, allowing for motorway commutes with zero emissions.

The eHybrid can also be made to reserve electric power for later in a journey. A percentage of battery capacity can be set aside by the driver, allowing this to be deployed when needed.

Power from the petrol engine, or recuperative braking, can be used to help charge the battery.

Official combined WLTP test figures show the Tiguan Hybrid as capable of up to 176.6 mpg, with a CO2 output as low as 38 g/km.

Depending on the trim level selected, BIK taxation rates range from 11-13%.

Charging the Tiguan eHybrid’s battery takes five hours from a domestic 230 volt plug socket. Making use of a 3.6 kW wall box or public charger sees this time reduced to 3 hours 40 minutes.

The entry-level Tiguan eHybrid Life includes three-zone climate control, LED matrix headlights, Adaptive Cruise Control, and parking sensors.

Moving up to Elegance trim adds 30-colour ambient interior lighting and a rear-view camera, whilst R-Line includes sportier exterior styling, 20-inch wheels, and a digital dashboard.

Customers can place orders for the Tiguan eHybrid with Volkswagen dealers now.

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