Article By John Redfern

Volkswagen extends software updates to all ID EVs

Free over-the-air updates for the complete Volkswagen ID electric range are available immediately for all owners.

Software updates are now available to every driver of Volkswagen’s range of ID electric vehicles.

Previously, the over-the-air enhancements were only offered to customers who joined the ‘ID First Movers’ club.

Now, through using a mobile data connection, all ID models can obtain a free download of the latest ID Software 2.3 operating system.

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Following the roll-out of the latest system, Volkswagen aims to provide new updates every 12 weeks.

In the same way smartphones receive regular software changes, over-the-air updates allow drivers to gain new features without needing a trip to the dealership.

Changes introduced as part of ID Software 2.3 include modifications to how the ID Light interior strip works. It can now display extra information to encourage eco-friendly driving, or when using Active Cruise Control.

Other modifications include redesigned graphics for the infotainment display. Following feedback from ID drivers, these have been altered to offer greater clarity.

In the future, Volkswagen will use this same over-the-air technology to offer drivers access to additional paid features. These could include unlocking extra battery range, or adding options not available when the car was new.

Thomas Ulbrich, member of the VW board for technical development, commented: “Thanks to regular updates, the car will not just remain up-to-date – it will become even better.”

The new ID Software 2.3 system can be installed now on the ID.3, ID.4, and ID.4 GTX models.

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