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Volkswagen to go EV by 2035

German giant Volkswagen will become a pure EV carmaker in Europe by 2035 at the latest, according to its sales chief in an interview

Volkswagen will stop selling cars with petrol and diesel engines and fully go EV in Europe by 2035 at the latest, according to its sales boss in an interview.

Klaus Zellmer told a German newspaper the global giant will phase out combustion engines in Europe first, possibly as soon as just eight years from now.

China and the US will follow later “due to the fact the political and infrastructure framework conditions are still missing”.

In Europe, Volkswagen is aiming for 70% of its new car sales to be pure EVs by 2030 – which the company hopes will keep it ahead of ever-stricter EU climate targets and, said Mr Zellmer, possibly even go beyond them.

By 2050, Volkswagen’s entire fleet will be CO2 neutral.

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Volkswagen Group brand partner Audi has already announced plans to stop selling combustion engines across the world by 2033.

The Volkswagen brand’s target is less ambitious because its cars need to be more affordable – but the firm is still committed to an all-electric future.

Ever-stricture EU legislation is a factor here: CO2 emissions legally need to be cut by 60% in 2030 and reduce by 100% by 2035.

This effectively makes it impossible for carmakers to sell any vehicles other than EVs by then.

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