Article By John Redfern

Volkswagen plans major upgrades to EV charging network

From increased charging performance to simpler access, Volkswagen wants to make EV charging easier for owners.

Volkswagen has announced plans for substantial upgrades to its electric car charging network.

At present, the company offers access to 270,000 charging points across Europe. This makes it one of the largest and fastest growing networks available across the continent.

Higher performance, more convenience and greater sustainability are the aims for planned improvements.

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One of VW’s notable plans is allowing EV owners to use bi-directional charging.

This will build on existing Home Energy Management Systems, which can intelligently manage when EV charging takes place.

Bi-directional charging means Volkswagen cars can feed power back into a home, and the wider electricity grid. This may help balance out demand on the network, preventing the need for more power to be generated.

All of Volkswagen’s ID cars with a 77kWh battery will be able to make use of bi-directional charging. Over-the-air updates enable existing vehicles to benefit from the technology, too.

VW plans to issue extra software updates for its ID range of vehicles. Increased charging capacity for 77kWh battery models will be rolled out, directly reducing charging times.

A new Battery Care Mode will also be available, limiting maximum charging to 80 percent capacity. As with the latest smartphones, this is designed to prolong a battery’s lifespan.

A new Plug & Charge service will be introduced during 2022 for the Volkswagen network. This avoids the need for drivers to have separate charger access cards. Instead, billing is enabled simply by plugging the car in to charge.

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