Article By Richard Aucock

Used EV numbers grow 130% in 15 months

Trade expert Glass’s reports secondhand EVs are becoming increasingly affordable with many already within the ‘sweet spot’ for secondhand car buyers

The number of used electric cars on sale in the UK has risen from 1,500 just 15 months ago to more than 7,500 today – market growth of more than 130%.

Automotive analyst Glass’s says this is leading to growing numbers of motorists considering a secondhand EV.

Used car dealers say the sweet spot for pricing is around £6k, and the rapid growth in used EVs means there’s a growing number of models approaching this price point.

Both early Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe can be found on dealer forecourts for less than £5k – and gradually rising numbers of new EV sales through the years means the number of used EVs hitting the market will only accelerate further.

“The battery electric car revolution is gathering pace,” said Glass’s Jonathan Brown. There are, he said, a significant number of cars expected to enter used car channels over the next three years, further improving supply.

Add in further draws such as zero-price road fund licence, lower servicing costs and lower fuel costs, and the appeal of a well-priced used EV grows further.

Mr Brown added that dealers should now step up support for the development of the used electric vehicle market, particularly in reassuring prospective buyers about the cost of ownership and usability of secondhand EVs.

“Some users will switch to enjoy the knowledge they are reducing emissions in their neighbourhood… however, many are unwilling to make such a gesture and still state range anxiety as a reason not to switch.”

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