Article By Richard Aucock

UK Tesla EV drivers spend less than £50 a month on charging

British Tesla drivers are saving a fortune in running costs with their monthly spend on charging equalling less than a tank of petrol

Real-world user data from a new app has revealed just how much EV drivers are saving, with British Tesla drivers spending just £47 a month on charging.

This is less than just a single average tankful of unleaded.

The saving, even when compared to the most fuel-efficient of petrol cars, is almost £30 a month – and is significantly more when compared to cars with similar performance to Tesla EVs.

Boffins behind the EEVEE driver app published the findings, after studying real-world data from thousands of users.

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The app allows EV owners to see how much they are spending on charging – and is particularly useful for company car drivers seeking to have charging costs reimbursed.

“We always knew that it’s cheaper to full your car up with electricity rather than petrol,” said EEVEE Mobility founder Steffen Brans, “but we now know exactly how much it is costing drivers to charge their EVs

“This data begins to paint a picture of the real-world behaviour of EV owners and, in doing so, highlights one of the key benefits of EV ownership – lower running costs.”

Further analysis of two years of EEVEE data has shown that 84% of charging currently takes place at home.

This, the founders stress, could be influenced by work-from-home rules during the pandemic, but still underlines another key convenience benefit of EV ownership.

10% of charging took place at public chargers, and just 6% at work.

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