Article By Richard Aucock

London Uber drivers to electrify with ‘thousands’ of MG EVs

MG Motor has partnered up with WeFlex to offer Uber drivers in London the chance to contract-hire a pure electric MG5 EV estate car

The MG5 EV estate is to be offered to London Uber drivers via the WeFlex contract hire platform as part of plans to step up the pace of electrifying the firm’s fleet in the capital.

Almost 200 MG5 EVs have already been made available to Uber drivers, with plans to boost this into four figures over the next few years.

The value-priced EV estate car will help make electric cars more affordable to Uber drivers as the company closes in on its goal to make its entire fleet pure EV by 2025.

Currently, there are around 1,600 London Uber drivers in EVs, out of a fleet of more than 50,000.

MG Motor’s Geraint Isaac said: “Ride hailing services such as Uber are ideal for the MG5 EV as the combination of the car’s pricing and range is unbeatable.

“As services such as Uber move towards a zero-emissions future we’re delighted that MG is going to play a key part and believe we have the perfect vehicle for the job.”

WeFlex founder Nicko Williamson said EV is the only way to clean up London’s air and “the MG5 EV is a major new addition to our fleet, offering riders a comfortable, spacious, environmentally friendly option.

“The vehicle’s range of 214 miles also means no range anxiety for our customers.

“It’s a great value vehicle, meaning we can price it competitively, and the extra boot space inherent with the estate design means it’s perfect for the airport run.

“We are really excited to be making so many available via WeFlex.”

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