Article By Richard Aucock

Tesla Model 3 Police car revealed!

Tesla has created a Model 3 EV showcase for emergency services to see how they're going to go EV

Tesla is helping emergency services investigate how to go EV by building a special Model 3 response vehicle available for assessments.

The fully-liveried Model 3 is intended to help forces determine how to comply with the government’s Road to Zero strategy, which outlaws petrol and diesel cars from 2030.

Tesla says forces, brigades and other agencies are all eligible to trial the Model 3 emergency response vehicle.

These include fire brigades, medical rapid response services as well as police forces.

The firm believes the car is well equipped for emergency use, thanks to its famously vivid performance and WLTP range of up to 360 miles.

The Model 3 also has all-wheel drive and a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Forces going EV may even save money, adds Tesla: the car has “industry leading efficiency” plus lower maintenance requirements.

Several states in the US have already started to run Model 3 EVs – with one force reporting savings of “tens of thousands of dollars” a year.

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