Article By John Redfern

Renault Retail Group to go electric with courtesy car fleet

Covering 15 dealerships across two counties, more than 160 electric Renault Zoes will be used as courtesy cars.

The Renault Retail Group of dealerships has announced a move to fully electric courtesy cars.

Representing 15 Renault dealers across England and Wales, the group has ordered 143 Zoe E-Tech models.

These new cars will join the 21 Zoes already available, giving a total of 164 cars for customer use.

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The current fleet of Renault Clios and Capturs, along with Dacia Sanderos, will be replaced by the electric cars.

Renault notes that, for many customers, driving a Zoe as a courtesy car will be their first experience of an EV. It hopes they will see how easily a Zoe fits into their daily routine, dispelling potential EV myths and anxieties.

Each Zoe is supplied fully charged, with customers given a detailed explanation of how to drive it. Should it be necessary to exceed the official 245-mile range, details of charging networks will also be provided.

Opting for electric cars will help Renault Retail Group reduce its carbon footprint. Each courtesy car typically covers 5,000 miles each year, with the electric models removing the associated tailpipe emissions.

Renault Retail Group is also offering customers a 48-hour test drive in the Zoe E-Tech. Again, this aims to help drivers understand how an electric car could work with their lifestyle.

The Renault Zoe was the best-selling electric vehicle across Europe in 2020, with more than 100,000 finding homes. Renault was also the continent’s leading EV manufacturer last year.

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