Article By Richard Aucock

Renault confirms R5 AND R4 to be revived as retro-themed EVs

Renault is set to launch 10 new pure EVs by 2025 – with two of them set to be retro-inspired recreations: the Renault 5 and 4 EVs

Renault has confirmed two famous cars from the past, the Renault 5 (pictured above) and Renault 4, are both to be revived as retro-themed EVs as part of a big electric car push.

By 2025, Renault will launch 10 new battery electric cars, with the R5 EV and R4 EV both amongst them.

The Renault 4 EV has been teased by a concept idea codenamed 4ever, “signifying the intention to make it a timeless classic” explained the French company.

The Renault 5 will gain a “modern and electric twist”, building on the exciting-looking teaser images already released by the firm.

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The Renault Megane family hatchback is also to become the all-new Renault MeganE in 2022, as a pure electric C-segment family motor.  

Revealed in camouflaged form above, the new MeganE will switch to a crossover-style design, and boast “greater driving pleasure thanks to its low centre of gravity and optimal weight distribution”.

It will have quick steering, sharp vehicle responses and extra sophistication from an advanced multi-link rear suspension.

Renault boss Luca de Meo revealed the planned new cars as part of a ‘Renault eWays ElectroPop’ presentation. This is described as an “historic acceleration of Renault Group’s EV strategy.

“Ten new electric models will be conceived and up to one million electric vehicles will be manufactured by 2030,” said Mr de Meo, “from cost-effective urban vehicles to sportier, higher-end ones.

“As well as efficiency, we bet on iconic designs such as the beloved R5 to bring the Renault touch to electrification, making electric cars popular.”

As many as 9 in 10 Renault models will be pure EVs by 2030.

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