Article By John Redfern

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo EV sets new world record

The Taycan Cross Turismo set a benchmark for the greatest altitude change ever achieved by an electric car.

A team of drivers in the United States used a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo to set an amazing new Guinness World Record.

Porsche can now claim the official title for the greatest altitude change ever achieved by an electric car.

An incredible journey saw the Taycan EV gain a heady 4,842.967 metres in altitude – equivalent to more than three miles.

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The Taycan’s route began at the Eagle Mine in Michigan. As an operational nickel and copper mine, this was the location that allowed the Porsche to start from the lowest possible point.

Being all-wheel drive, having raised suspension and being battery-powered allowed the Taycan Cross Turismo to venture deep into the mine. After safety training for the team, the car was taken to a depth of 540.8 metres below sea level.

Departing the Eagle Mine, the team then travelled more than 1,400 miles (2,550km) to reach the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado.

Home of the famed Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event, the mountain’s summit stands at 4,302 metres. It made for a challenging drive to the top, with the oxygen levels 40 percent less than found at the base.

The weather created problems, with the Porsche team needing to use a 45-minute window before a snowstorm to reach the top.

In total, three groups of two drivers were part of the record attempt. Sealed GPS devices monitored their route and altitude throughout, along with a seperate analogue altimeter.

It means the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is now the official holder of an unusual, but rather impressive, Guinness World Record.

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