Article By John Redfern

Peugeot now offers a complete range of electric vans

The French brand is one of the first manufacturers to offer electric models across its van range.

Peugeot can now offer an all-electric version of every van that it sells in the UK.

The addition of new e-Boxer and e-Partner models means the entire Peugeot van range now has a battery option.

More than 4,000 electric vans have been delivered by Peugeot in 2021, with, staggeringly, a further 10,000 orders currently in place.

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The Peugeot electric van range begins with the e-Partner. An electric version of the popular Partner model, it comes with a 100kW motor and a potential range of up to 171 miles.

A load volume of 4.4 metres is the same as the petrol-engined version, while the e-Partner can take a payload of 800kg.

Sitting above the e-Partner in the Peugeot electric van range is the e-Expert.

It was voted 2021 International Van of the Year, and offers three different body lengths and a loading volume that is identical to the diesel model.

Opting for a larger 75kWh battery can see the e-Expert cover up to 205 miles on a full charge.

The Peugeot e-Boxer offers the most cargo capacity of all, and comes with a 90kW electric motor. When combined with the largest 70kWh battery pack, the e-Boxer has a range of 139 miles.

Top speed in the e-Boxer is limited to 56mph, with regenerative braking able to help recharge batteries.

Linda Jackson, managing director for Peugeot, said: "Peugeot is committed to being the leading player in the change and transformation of the business sector to pure electric.

“Obviously, the cost of use is a very strong argument for users, but we are also demonstrating that electric commercial vehicles are a pleasure to drive: for their driver, who opens up to a new, soothing driving experience, and for everyone around them, who benefits from a peaceful environment, devoid of both noise and smell".

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