Article By Richard Aucock

Nissan creates EV-inspired colours for new Ariya SUV

Nissan bosses charged its colour experts to create a bespoke range of colours for the new Ariya electric SUV – and even the paint itself is eco-friendly

Nissan says even the paint colours of the upcoming new Ariya EV SUV have been electrified with a range of 10 colours set to “bring the worlds of electric mobility and design together”.

The tech-inspired range of colours include two all-new hues bespoke to the Ariya – Akatsuki Copper and Aurora Green.

And Nissan has even developed a suitably eco-friendly way of applying the paint.

The new, environmentally-sustainable paint production tech is said to reduce the CO2 output from the paint plant by 25% - “sustainably reducing the environmental impact of this zero-emissions vehicle”.

Lesley Busby works at Nissan Design Europe in Paddington, London. “The ingenuity the Nissan Ariya represents inspired us to adopt an entirely new mindset for colour design.

“We worked hard to introduce a truly futuristic and technology-driven design language for the colours.”

The Ariya’s Pearl Black has brand new pigments that increase the depth of the paint, and Pearl White “offers more brilliance and clarity than ever before on a Nissan vehicle”.

The paint is also water-based and colours can be applied at lower temperatures, so the entire Ariya can be painted together.

“We’re excited for customers to experience Nissan’s new era of colour design for themselves,” said Ms Busby.

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