Article By John Redfern

More new electric cars than ever sold in September 2021

Despite the challenges caused by production shortages, UK electric vehicle sales had their best-ever month.

Battery electric cars had their best month yet for UK sales during September 2021.

Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed a total of 32,721 new electric cars were registered last month.

For comparison, 37,850 new electric cars were sold throughout the whole of 2019, demonstrating how quickly demand has increased.

Compared to the same year-to-date period in 2020, EV sales have rocketed by 87.9 percent.

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With total new car sales of 215,312, it means battery electric vehicles accounted for a market share of 15.2 percent in September.

Conversely, diesel car sales fell to just five percent of the new market. They are now outsold by electric cars by a factor of three to one.

More than one in five of all new cars sold last month were capable of zero-emissions driving.

Almost 25,000 new hybrid cars were sold in September, claiming 11.6 percent of the market. Plug-in hybrid models took 6.4 percent, with 13,884 registered.

The electric Tesla Model 3 topped the charts for individual models, with 6,879 examples registered in September. However, the company often delivers cars in large numbers each quarter, which may contribute to the higher registrations.

Overall car sales were down by 34.4 percent during the month, with the ongoing shortage of semiconductor chips the primary cause.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said: “The rocketing uptake of plug-in vehicles, especially battery electric cars, demonstrates the increasing demand for these new technologies.

“However, to meet our collective decarbonisation ambitions, we need to ensure all drivers can make the switch – not just those with private driveways – requiring a massive investment in public recharging infrastructure.

“Chargepoint roll-out must keep pace with the acceleration in plug-in vehicle registrations.”

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