Article By John Redfern

Mercedes reveals radical Vision EQXX electric concept car

The dramatic new Vision EQXX was developed in just 18 months, and offers a potential range of 620 miles.

Mercedes-Benz has started 2022 with a brand-new concept car to demonstrate its electric future.

Named the Vision EQXX, the radical creation was taken from the drawing board to a complete car in just 18 months.

Technology from the successful Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 team has been used, with motorsport expertise used to create the aerodynamic shape.

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Despite being a large four-seat car, the Vision EQXX creates remarkably little aerodynamic drag. A 0.17 Cd rating puts it far ahead of any current road car, with the EQXX using an ‘air curtain’ design to enhance its slippery shape.

The rear wheels are also set slightly more inboard than the fronts, creating an efficient tapered design.

Mercedes has worked to improve the electric efficiency of the Vision EQXX, too. Input from the Formula 1 team sees 95 percent of the battery’s energy transferred to the wheels.

By comparison, even the most eco-oriented internal combustion cars only demonstrate 30 percent efficiency.

The Mercedes High Performance Powertrains engineers also increased the efficiency of the battery pack fitted to the EQXX. An incredible potential range of up to 620 miles is achieved with a 100kW battery.

Using less than 10kWh of energy to travel 60 miles puts the Vision EQXX in the same category as a conventional car returning 282mpg.

Solar panels on the roof, plus an efficient heat pump for the climate control, both aid the EQXX in its pursuit of long-range performance. Lightweight materials, including upholstery made from cactus fibres, are used for the interior.

Although firmly a concept car for now, the Vision EQXX points to just how far Mercedes-Benz is willing to take the idea of electric power.

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