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Mercedes-Benz announces new EQB electric SUV

The electric Mercedes EQB is based on the GLB compact SUV. It’s one of the stars of the 2021 IAA Mobility show in Munich.

The 2021 IAA Mobillity show in Munich saw Mercedes-Benz reveal a raft of electrified cars, including the new EQB.

As a battery-powered version of the GLB compact SUV, Mercedes says it will deliver ‘family-size electric mobility’.

The EQB is the second compact car from the electric EQ sub-brand and production is due to begin imminently.

It’s also the fourth new electric model released by Mercedes this year. Electric and hybrid SUVs now form a core part of the German company’s range.

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Measuring just over 4.6 metres in length, the electric EQB will be offered with an optional third row of seats. Compatible with child seats, the extra row can be folded flat into the boot floor when not needed.

Mercedes will launch the EQB with a choice of two power outputs. Both use a 66.5kWh battery, and offer 4Matic all-wheel drive as standard.

The entry-level EQB 300 delivers 225hp and 288lb ft of torque. Moving up to the EQB 350 increases these figures to 288hp and 384lb ft of torque.

Regardless of the power output chosen, official figures show the EQB will cover a range of up to 260 miles.

Charging the EQB with an 11kW wallbox should take five hours and 45 minutes to fully replenish the battery. Opting for a DC rapid charger will see 80 percent battery capacity restored in just 32 minutes.

The standard navigation system will include ‘Electric Intelligence’. Along with finding the fastest route to a destination, the system analyses traffic patterns, weather conditions and the location of charging stations.

Before a planned stop to recharge, Electric Intelligence also ensures the battery is at optimum temperature.

Production of the EQB will start in October 2021, with UK sales expected to begin soon afterwards.

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