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​McLaren Artura PHEV hypercar to boast 18-mile EV range

The McLaren Artura will be the world’s first plug-in hybrid hypercar, offering 0-62mph in 3.0 seconds AND an EV driving range of more than 18 miles

McLaren has confirmed its new Artura, the world’s first plug-in hybrid hypercar, will have a pure EV driving range of more than 18 miles on a full battery charge.

This is despite the 585hp supercar also being capable of 0-62mph in 3.0 seconds and 0-186mph (!) in 21.5 seconds.

According to the WLTP fuel economy test, the 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo hybrid engine will also return more than 50mpg.

McLaren is even including a six-year hybrid battery warranty, alongside a five-year vehicle warranty and a three-year service plan.

Prices are expected to start from around £185,000.

“The McLaren Artura’s all-new, super-lightweight electrified powertrain is at the cutting edge of high-performance hybrid technology,” said chief engineer Geoff Growse.

“It is engineered to offer all of the advantages of internal combustion and electric power in one package and establish new benchmarks for combined performance and efficiency in the supercar class.”

McLaren says the innovative ‘Axial Flux’ e-motor has been developed from the exotic McLaren Speedtail. It is similar in size to a McLaren brake disc and can generate up to 95hp. It is “ideal for city driving or early-morning starts”.

The 7.4kWh lithium ion battery is mounted low down in the car behind the driver, keeping a low centre of gravity and improving the Artura’s handling.

Charging from zero to 80 percent takes 2.5 hours using a regular Type 2 wallbox.

The advanced PHEV drivetrain also helps McLaren set another hypercar benchmark – with CO2 emissions of just 129g/km, it’s better than many conventional family hatchbacks, never mind thirsty non-EV supercar rivals…

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