Article By Richard Aucock

Lotus Evija EV ‘to sound like a retro F1 car’

Lotus is working on the soundscape for its future electric cars, starting with the EV – and the inspiration may come as a surprise…

Lotus has employed a Hollywood movie soundtrack producer to create the soundscape for its future electric cars – and inspiration is to come from a classic F1 car.

Brit Patrick Patrikios, who’s written for Olly Murs and collaborated with Little Mix, says inspiration for the new sound is to come from the legendary Lotus Type 49 V8 racing car of the 1960s.

The new Evija hypercar will be the first Lotus EV to feature the new interior sound.

“We wanted to create a soundscape for the Evija that was recognisably and distinctively Lotus,” said Mr Patrikios.

“There’s a purity to that V8, a raw edge and an emotion that stirs something in your soul, like the best songs.”

To create the sound, Mr Patrikios started with a recording of the Type 49. He then digitally manipulated – and found that slowing it down created a similar frequency to the natural driving sound of the Evija’s EV drivetrain.

“I adjusted the replay speeds and digital filtering of the Type 49… it was a very organic process.

“I love that the sound from one of the most iconic Lotus race cars of all time has been the inspiration for its newest .There’s a symmetry to it which is beautiful.”

F1 driver drove the Type 49 to victory on its debut in 1967, and the following year, Graham Hill won the F1 Driver’s Championship in it.

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