Article By Richard Aucock

New KiaCharge public charger access service launched

KiaCharge iscomprehensive, easy to use public charging service, accessible from a single account


KiaCharge is a new service that aims to make charging an EV at public charge points easier.

Instead of signing up to multiple charge networks, some of the most popular services in the UK have been incorporated into the new KiaCharge service – giving, says the firm, access to almost 14,000 UK charging points from one account.

Household names that are part of the service include BP Pulse, Pod Point and Ionity.

KiaCharge customers can use the service either through an app or an RFID card.

It doesn’t simply give access to the networks either, but allows owners to pay for electricity directly through the app.

Customers get a single itemised monthly invoice that shows electricity per kWh.

“The availability and suitability of public charge points remains a perceived hurdle for many would-be electric car buyers,” said Kia UK president and CEO Paul Philpott.

“KiaCharge seeks to remedy this by providing a comprehensive, easy to use public charging service for our customers, accessible from a single account.”

There are two tariffs within KiaCharge: Easy and Plus.

Easy has a one-off £1.99 charge to sign up, and owners then pay a 49p ‘session fee’ each time they charge up, on top of the per kWh electricity price.

Plus is for those who use the public charging network more frequently. It has a £2.99 monthly tariff, but no up-front or per-session fees.

On some networks, owners even get a 15 percent discount on electricity.

“This is a major step for Kia,” added Mr Philpott, “as we look for new ways to make EV ownership a more viable and stress-free option for many more drivers.”

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