Article By Richard Aucock

Electric Fiat 500 has new tech to ease range anxiety

Fiat says a brand-first driving mode that reduces energy consumption will help ease owner worries about running out of charge in the new 500 EV

Fiat claims the new 500 electric will allow drivers to “put fears of range anxiety to the back of their minds” by adopting new tech similar to low-battery settings for mobile phones.

When it detects a low remaining driving range – around 30 miles – the new 500 EV automatically selects a power-saving drive mode.

This limits acceleration, caps the top speed to 50mph and also encourages one-pedal driving that makes better use of the car’s energy-creating regenerating braking system.

Fiat says that on an average town drive, one-pedal mode can regenerate 30% more energy than normal braking.

Other energy-saving measures include turning off the climate control, heated seats, windscreen and door mirrors.

“While the majority of drivers could comfortably go about their day and genuinely never have to worry about range, we do understand it is one of the key concerns around EV ownership,” said Fiat country manager Greg Taylor.

“This power saving mode will hopefully add an extra layer of comfort to a consumer who might be looking to buy their first electric car.”

He added that when drivers do reach a charging point, an extra 30 miles’ range can be added to the new 500 EV in just five minutes – and 80% battery capacity can be reached in 35 minutes.

The new Fiat 500 has two further driving modes, called Normal and Range. Normal, says Fiat, is most similar to a regular petrol or diesel car.

Range brings in one-pedal driving but without a capped top speed – and full acceleration is available too.

Ordering for the new 500 EV is open now with prices starting from £19,995; first deliveries are due in a matter of weeks.

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