Article By Richard Aucock

Most EV drivers can cover weekly mileage on a SINGLE charge

Range anxiety should already be a thing of the past for most electric car drivers as 85% of them can already cover their weekly mileage without having to recharge

A new survey of the electric car market has found that 85% of drivers could cover their weekly annual mileage on a single full charge.

If they plugged in ready for the start of the week, motorists could survive without having to charge up again during the week – and this includes both business and leisure mileage put together.

This is thanks to the ever-growing range of new EVs, which currently stands at 231 miles, according to company car benefits provider Tusker.

Almost 9 in 10 motorists actually drive fewer than 200 miles per week – a figure that has remained unchanged for several years running.

Just 7% of motorists drive more than 300 miles weekly. And even here, there are several EVs already suitable for hem, including the entire Tesla range, Volkswagen ID.4, Audi e-tron and numerous others.

“’Range anxiety’ has moved to ‘range awareness’,” said Tusker CEO Paul Gilshan, “as many drivers realise they can cover their weekly miles on one charge.

“Consequently, 83% of drivers surveyed are now considering an electric car for their next vehicle – a rise from 74% in 2020.”

Company car salary sacrifice is also helping drive a survey in EVs, with a third of Tusker’s customers now driving an electric car.

In 2020, just 5% drove an EV.

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