Article By Richard Aucock

EV owners 'travel further than petrol or diesel drivers'

Electric car motorists are already driving further per year than traditional car owners, dispelling the myth of 'range anxiety'

New pan-European research has revealed that, rather than driving fewer miles than petrol and diesel car motorists, EV owners are travelling hundreds of miles further per year.

On average, an EV driver in Europe will drive more than 370 more miles per year than traditional car owners.

What’s more, 7 in 10 admit that EV range autonomy is actually better than expected, with few reporting concerns about range anxiety.

The research by Nissan shows that the average EV driver covers just under 9,000 miles a year, which reiterates the fact electric driving “is a convenient choice for the owners,” says Nissan regional vice president Arnaud Charpentier.

“It is no surprise that people now drive EV further than ICE cars.

“We are confident that, with more electric vehicles on the road dispelling myths, range anxiety will soon be in the past.”

Nissan admits there’s still work to be done. Almost six in 10 ICE drivers say the biggest concerns with EVs is a low driving range.

Nearly half say the main advantage of petrol and diesel is their greater range – and 30% say they are not yet ready to consider a fully electric vehicle.

But “EV drivers confidently counteract these fears,” says Nissan.

The latest findings “serve as a strong indication to ICE drivers that range should not be a deterring factor for switching to an EV”.

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