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​EV owners drive MORE per year than petrol and diesel owners

The annual mileage of EV owners is significantly greater than petrol and diesel drivers – putting paid to the myth of ‘range anxiety’

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EV drivers are covering thousands of miles more per year than petrol and diesel car drivers, which one company says dispels the myth of ‘range anxiety’.

Research from the RAC showed petrol cars average just under 7,500 miles per year – whereas pure EV drivers travel almost 9,500 miles a year.

Now, home charger and energy comparison site Rightcharge has found EV owners are planning a further step up, with customers on the site saying they plan to drive around 11,000 miles in a year.

Some EV drivers are targeting even higher mileages, with those in the East Midlands estimating an annual average of 11,685 miles a year.

Indeed, as lockdown restrictions begin to lift, the average mileage EV customers expect to cover has already grown by 7%.

“It’s interesting that EV drivers are planning more journeys and it’s further evidence that confidence in electric vehicles is going up,” said Rightcharge founder Charlie Cook.

“Many new EVs are now covering more miles each year than petrol-powered models – and what’s more, their confidence in the distance they will travel is constantly being reassessed upwards.

“This demonstrates that electric vehicles are now seen by many drivers as a viable alternative to petrol-powered cars.”

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