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You can now convert ANY classic Mini to EV

A London company is promising it can convert any classic Mini into a pure EV – with prices starting from a competitive £25k

A London company has launched a classic Mini EV conversion which enables any retro Mini to be electrified – at a price that “doesn’t cost the earth”.

London Electric Cars has developed the Mini EV conversion, with price starting from £25,000.

This price excludes the donor car, plus any local taxes.

The base cost includes a 20kWh battery, which the firm says is good for a range of 60-70 miles.

Bigger batteries and more powerful motors can be installed for an additional cost.

Either Type 1 or Type 2 chargers can be used, and the classic Mini EVs can use rapid chargers at public stations.

Exempt from road tax, the London Congestion Charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone, London Electric Cars reckons the classic Mini EVs will cost just 5p a mile to run.

“As a classic car enthusiast and advocate for affordable and sustainable electric vehicle conversions,” said founder and MD Matthew Quitter, “it made sense for us to focus on the original Mini.

“With the UK’s announcement of the world’s most ambitious climate change target of a 78% CO2 reduction by 2035, it’s clear that combustion engines will soon be a thing of the past.

London Electric Cars offers an affordable conversion that keeps these British classic cars on the road.

“The vehicle becomes fast and clean whilst maintaining the originality and appeal that our customers love.”

Each car takes around six weeks to convert, and the company has a six-month waiting list.

Other conversions completed by the firm include the Land Rover, Morris Minor and Morris Traveller.

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