Article By Richard Aucock

Classic GT40 racer to go EV in exciting new partnership

The team behind a classic Porsche 911 EV is now developing an electric version of the iconic GT40 endurance racer

The team behind an acclaimed classic Porsche 911 EV is now turning its attention to electrifying another iconic car – the famous GT40.

Everrati is teaming up with 1960s-era continuation sports car company Superformance to build an electric GT40.

It will join the Everrati classic EV portfolio that also includes a Land Rover Series IIA and a Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda.

Development of the GT40 EV is already underway at the Everrati HQ in Upper Heyford.

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“This is the perfect partnership,” said Justin Lunny, Everrati founder and CEO.

“Marrying these chassis with our advanced EV powertrains and precision engineering will enhance performance while keeping the essence and soul of the original.

“We aim to create the best electric driver’s cars while, at the same time, future-proofing these true past masters.”

Superformance CEO Lance Stander said: “While I will always love a V8-powered vehicle, there is no doubting the ultra-high performance of Everrati’s advanced EV powertrains.

“I am genuinely impressed with the lengths to which Everrati goes to maintain the weight distribution and character of the original car.

“Electrification is the future in so many ways and adds another option for those who love classic sports cars.”

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