Article By John Redfern

Citroen is helping to electrify a Greek island

Six electric vehicles have been provided by Citroen to help Chalki transform into a green economy.

The Greek island of Chalki has received a fleet of Citroen electric cars to aid its green transformation.

With a population of 478, the Municipality of Chalki is being used as a European testbed for improving sustainability.

The six electric Citroens are intended to make EVs available to a wide range of users, including both public authorities and private residents.

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The initial agreement between Citroen and the Greek government sees six vehicles offered for use around Chalki. A pair of new Ami models, reserved for the Hellenic police and coastguard, are likely to capture the most attention.

Two examples of the new e-C4 crossover SUV, one e-Spacetourer and one e-Dispatch will also be delivered, the latter for the Energy Community of Chalki.

Citroen will provide all six vehicles on a free 48-month lease. Once this is up, it will buy back the cars and donate them to the Municipality of Chalki.

Along with the six vehicles, Citroen also has plans to offer residents incentives to purchase their own EV. Replacing all traditional vehicles with electric ones is part of a long-term plan to give the island carbon-neutral mobility.

Vincent Cobée, CEO of Citroen, said: “We are committed to making electrification available to everyone and we believe this is a source of progress within society. We are very proud to contribute to the transformation of Chalki into an island which will be autonomous, smart and sustainable.”

He added: “This project will change the lives of a few for now, but this is just the beginning. By helping Chalki to become a green economy focussed on sustainability, Citroen is paving the way for the future and is showing that electrification is the way forward”.

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