Article By John Redfern

Citroen to bring quirky, all-electric Ami to the UK

The diminutive Citroen Ami is only offered in left-hand drive, and can be reserved now for just £250.

Citroen has announced it will bring the tiny Ami EV to the UK next year.

It follows unprecedented demand for the battery-powered city car. More than 12,000 people across the UK have already expressed an interest.

Those first customers are now invited to join the queue to officially reserve an Ami. Orders are open from Monday 27 September.

A refundable reservation fee of £250 will secure a car, ahead of first deliveries in spring 2022.

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Measuring just 2.41 metres, the Ami will be one of the smallest vehicles on the road. There is space for two people and a small item of luggage inside the cabin.

The Ami will not be produced in right-hand drive. UK buyers will instead be offered cars in left-hand-drive configuration only.

As Citroen points out, this does at least mean drivers will exit the Ami onto the kerb when parking at the roadside.

Despite its diminutive dimensions, the Ami will still require a full UK driving licence for those behind the wheel.

Powering the Ami is a 5.5kWh battery, which offers an official range of 46 miles. With city driving firmly in mind, top speed is a sedate 28mph.

Fully replenishing the Ami’s battery pack only takes three hours from a standard domestic plug socket.

Citroen is yet to confirm UK prices and specifications for the Ami. It will reveal more details closer to delivery dates.

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