Article By John Redfern

Hyundai teams up with Chelsea FC to supply Kona Electric SUVs

As part of Chelsea Football Club’s ‘Turn the Blues, Green’ campaign, Hyundai will supply a fleet of Kona Electric SUVs for players.

Hyundai has signed a deal with Chelsea Football Club to help the team achieve its ambitious environmental goals.

The ‘Turn the Blues, Green’ campaign will aim to educate football fans and Hyundai customers on the benefits of electric vehicles.

To help kick off the programme, Hyundai has supplied a fleet of Kona Electric SUVs for Chelsea’s Super League-winning women players.

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Along with the battery-electric Konas, Hyundai is also providing Chelsea with the supporting infrastructure.

Six 50kW electric charging points have been installed at the team’s Cobham Training Centre. This will allow them to recharge their Konas while getting match-fit.

The Kona Electric has an official range of 300 miles in 64kWh specification. Rapid charging with a 100kW DC charging point can restore the Kona’s battery from 10 to 80 percent in 47 minutes.

The electric vehicle partnership extends the existing sponsorship deal between Hyundai and Chelsea. Loans of the Kona Electric models will continue throughout the 2021/22 season.

Helping dispel myths about driving and charging an electric car will be central to the collaboration.

Chelsea striker Pernille Harder commented: “We had no idea how easy it was to charge an electric car. At first, we had the manual out and everything, and then we realised how quick, easy and smooth it was to plug the Kona Electric in”.

Team captain Magdalena Eriksson added: “Having the charging points at the training centre is a complete luxury. We can just plug in before we start training, then we can drive home with a full battery”.

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