Article By John Redfern

British-built electric Moke now ready to order

The open-top retro Moke will be exclusively sold with an electric drivetrain from 2022.

Moke International has announced it will be the world’s first ‘heritage manufacturer’ to go fully electric.

The British company produces new examples of the iconic ‘Mini’ Moke with Fablink Group in Northamptonshire.

Customer demand has led to the demise of Mokes with internal combustion engines. Buyers can order an electric Moke now, with first deliveries planned for summer 2022.

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First created by Alec Issigonis, the designer of the original Mini, the Moke was intended for military use. Lightweight construction would allow it to be parachuted into enemy territory, but life on civvy street proved a greater success.

Moke International holds the rights to the original Issigonis design, and has invested heavily to have the reborn Moke built in the UK.

The new electric Moke uses a 33kW motor, and is capable of hitting a top speed of 62mph.

When fully charged, the electric Moke can cover up to 90 miles. A Type 2 connector allows it to be completely recharged in four hours.

Preparing production for the 2022 European summer season hints at the electric Moke’s intended audience. Silently cruising along the seafront, with the roof rolled down, is likely to be its main role.

Buyers can pick from right- or left-hand-drive configurations – the latter ideal for holiday homes on the continent.

Prices for the electric Moke start at £29,150, although this excludes VAT and applicable electric vehicle incentives.

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