Article By Richard Aucock

‘One-stop’ BMW Charging and Mini Charging launched

BMW and Mini EV owners will now find charging easier and cheaper thanks to the launch of a ‘one-stop’ charge point card and related app

BMW and Mini EV owners can now access one of the world’s largest public charging networks through a single RFID card and app.

The new BMW Charging and Mini Charging solution gives access to over 11,000 public UK charging points through a single account – plus a further 173,000 available across Europe.

Charging partners include BP Pulse, Osprey, Source London and Instavolt – with high-power Ionity chargers also included.

Customers can register for either a pay-as-you-go ‘flex tariff’, or money-saving monthly subscription packages.

The BP Pulse package costs £7.85 a month and gives discounted pricing per kWh; there’s also an Ionity Plus package for £11.30 a month, saving motorists 43p per kWh compared to pay-as-you-go 350kW DC charging.

Both new Mini and BMW buyers will get the BP Pulse package free for 12 months, while BMW customers also get the Ionity Plus package free for a year.

BMW Group has also rolled out a new BMW / Mini Charging website for motorists to see their charging history, fees incurred and invoices for any subscriptions which are paid monthly.

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