Article By John Redfern

Audi expands charging subscription for E-tron EVs

The inclusion of the BP Pulse network means Audi E-tron subscribers now have access to more than 17,500 UK charging points.

Users of Audi’s E-tron public charging subscription service now have more places to plug in.

The service has been expanded to include the BP Pulse charging network. It means E-tron subscribers now have access to nearly 75 percent of the UK’s public chargers.

Audi hopes this ‘one-stop’ solution, requiring just a single RFID membership card, will simplify EV ownership.

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The E-tron subscription is available to owners of new Audi TFSI e plug-in hybrid or all-electric E-tron models.

Once registered, drivers can opt between two different tariffs, paying a fixed monthly fee. This allows access to the charging networks included in the E-tron service, removing the need for multiple accounts and access cards.

Compatible charging points can be found through the myAudi app, or using the car’s built-in MMI navigation system.

The addition of BP Pulse means the E-tron service now incorporates access to 17,500 charging points across the UK. This includes Ionity, Pod Point and 20 other providers.

E-tron subscriptions start at £4.91 per month for the City tariff, primarily aimed at plug-in hybrid drivers. Standardised charging rates begin at £0.29 per kWh, rising to £0.70 per kWh for Ionity fast charging.

For those with an Audi battery electric vehicle, the Transit tariff costs £16.81 per month. This includes a discounted Ionity charging rate of £0.28 per kWh.

Buyers of new Audi E-tron models gain a free subscription to Transit tariff, plus £150 of charging credit.

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