Article By Richard Aucock

New Audi app sees if you’re ready to go EV

The new Audi EV&me app aims to help convince EV-curious motorists that they can make the switch to electric without compromise

Audi has launched a new app called EV&me that aims to show owners of traditional cars the benefits of going electric – and reassure them they’re ready to make the switch.

Via auto-tracking, the app takes real-time data and, once six journeys have been completed, shows the potential savings to be make by switching to a BEV or PHEV.

It also helps people easily see if their regular daily journeys can be completed in EV mode without having to recharge.

Audi’s also built in tools to compare performance data, charging times and running costs between various models in its new car line-up.

This will allow customers to easily compare costs involved in running various models by answering a few simple questions.

Audi UK director Andrew Doyle said: “There are endless benefits to switching to plug-in power and Audi’s new and updated EV&me app now makes them clear for all to see.

“From an environmental standpoint, switching to electric power is central to Audi’s future but the financial benefits of making the switch can also be reaped by our customers.

“Making the switch to electric power is easier than ever thanks to the EV&me app; with our experts at your very fingertips we can help guide you through the process and ensure no question is left unanswered.”

The free Audi EV&me app is now ready for download in both the Android and Apple stores.

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