Article By John Redfern

4 in 10 parents want their kids to drive electric

A survey by Peugeot found many parents believe their children should jump straight into an EV.

A new study by Peugeot has revealed the views of parents about their children learning to drive an electric vehicle.

Overall, 40 percent of those asked thought their kids should skip driving petrol or diesel cars.

Instead, they believed children should move straight into learning to drive behind the wheel of an EV.

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More than 1,200 UK motorists were questioned in three surveys across Peugeot’s social media channels.

A quarter of respondents said their children already pester them to switch to an electric car.

Although those asked understood the environmental and financial benefits of an EV, not all were convinced.

Some 28 percent believed driving an electric car would be more complicated.

To help challenge these opinions, Peugeot invited a group of children aged 10-16 to try driving an electric car on a private track.

At the Bedford Autodrome, the youngsters were provided with a host of dedicated tutorials on owning and driving an electric vehicle.

These included lessons in maximising battery range, charging and switching driving modes.

Following the theory lessons, on-track action helped the young drivers practice what they had been taught. This culminated in a head-to-head shootout with their parents to see who could drive the most economically.

Proving that the children are the future, the young drivers managed to conserve twice as many miles as their parents.

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