Article By Richard Aucock

4 in 10 fleets to fully go EV in just 3 years

Company car fleets are forecasting a rapid switch to EV – and the trend is set to include EV vans as well

Company car drivers are set to rush into EVs over the next few years with fleet car operators forecasting 4 in 10 businesses will run 100% EV fleets within the next three years.

More than 1 in 3 van fleets are set to be 100% pure EV in the next three years, too.

The headline-grabbing figures came from research conducted in the Arval Mobility Observatory 2021 Barometer.

“The incredible speed that fleets anticipate electrification taking place is clear in this year’s results,” said the firm’s Shaun Sadlier.

“On this basis, the future uptake of BEVs will be rapid and perhaps much quicker than previously expected. This underlines the extent to which fleets are not just accepting, but very much embracing, an electric future.”

It won’t just be large fleets that lead the drive to EV either, said Mr Sadlier. “While larger companies are look set to move faster, SMEs are really not that far behind. This is going to be a revolution across the whole market.”

Growing sales of electric company cars is seen by many as important to fuel the three-year-old secondhand EV market.

With many new car fleets already embracing EVs, thanks to the many financial benefits that come with them, we can look forward to the number of used EVs to choose from also to start growing rapidly.

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