Article By Daniel Puddicombe

1 in 2 Ford Kuga PHEV journeys completed on EV

Data released by Ford adds majority of journeys are shorter than the car’s electric range

Real-world data released by Ford has shown that half all of journeys completed by European Kuga plug-in hybrid drivers in the first half of 2021 have been on electric power alone.

Using anonymised real-world data, the firm said 49 percent of the collective distance travelled between January and June 2021 has been covered using ‘externally charged battery power’.

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Ford added its data also revealed that more than two-thirds of journeys completed by owners are shorter than the 35 miles of electric range the car has.

The average distance covered by owners in the first half of the year was 32 miles.

The data also suggests that Kuga PHEV owners are taking advantage of overnight charging and cheaper night-time domestic electricity rates to reduce their motoring costs.

It claimed35 percent of charging events took place overnight with a plug-in time of 12 hours or more – twice the six hours required to charge the battery fully from a conventional domestic 230-volt supply, while in total, 45 percent of all charging events took place overnight.

Ford likened putting the car on charge overnight to that of topping up a mobile phone battery while the user sleeps.

“We firmly believe that our customers buy hybrid vehicles to benefit from the advantages of driving on electric power, and this data shows that Kuga plug-in hybrid customers are keen to use their cars in EV mode as much as possible,” said Roelant de Waard, general manager of passenger vehicles at Ford of Europe.

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